An Incubator program that provides services for companies at the seed stage.


An Accelerator program that provides services for nascent ventures, generally after a startup incubator program in their home nation...

Bento currently offers two programs for companies to participate in:

Current Bento Locations


  • San Francisco

  • London

  • New York

  • Tokyo

Our Benefits

Bento's staff is committed to helping companies meet achievable finanical goals

  1. We provide hands on communication, active oversight and hands on management.

  2. We supply convenient work spaces based on your company's needs, in lovely shared office environments including private offices (as available) and conference rooms.

  3. Both co-sharing or dedicated space are available at all locations.

  4. All companies are different and each has unique financing and strategic alliance requirements. We focus on your specific needs, minimizing time constraints.

  5. We provide mentorship, corporate development guidance and investment banking advisory services. First you focused on getting your firm & product focused. Now it's time to turn focus to financing and strategic contracts or alliances.

  6. We provide members with global investment/banking exposure  regardless of their specific geographic location. 

  7. Non-Residential Affiliation with the Bento community are offered to become an accredited member, allowing the ability to be seen & selected by prospective investors and strategic partners globally.


Bento provides a variety of opportunities to companies including allowing participants to utilize different Bento locations worldwide.

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