Education & Mentorship

Bento focuses on core requirements of a nascent company's growth.


These include assisting businesses to pivot and rationalize a creative original product, devised in the vacuum of an emerging market anticipating needs continents away, with true market demands in the major financial & technology centers.


Because everything looks different from SF, NY, London & Tokyo

 than it does from over there.




Bento compliments and works cooperatively with top universities and accelerator programs providing many resources to encourage formation and flourishing of businesses and to move technological knowledge from emerging market prototype to the global marketplace.



At Bento we enjoy creating global connections. We match prospective enterpreneurs with skilled mentors on a caliber generally unavailable in their home countries, including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Columbia and Oxford Venture Labs & Entrepreneurial Centers. Internationalization, and reduction of an imbalanced "local nation" perspective, is often at the core of a company's success.Bento's mentors are selected based on their enthusiasm and skill sets for each individual company.


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