About Us

Who we are:

Bento aims to identify the most promising new tech ideas globally and introduce them to the primary investment capitals worldwide.

Areas we specialize in:

Bento currently specializes in:

  1. Mobile Health Care

  2. Financial Technology

  3. Edu-Tech 

  4. Bio-Med& Bio-Tech

  5. Silver Age Technology



Our Model & Mandate:

Bento offers an entirely new model for startup catalysts with no geographical constraints, solving the two core handicaps of nascent companes situated in emerging markets: lack of access to capital, and lack of order flow. A majority of companies within Bento were selected to fulfill an explicit "shopping list" skill set need of major corporations, institutions or investors. 

Currently 92% of the world's investment capital is located in only five cities globally. Brilliant concepts are devised across the globe, but nascent companies not located in one of those cities are too far removed from major financial resources to capitalize. The result is often giving up far too much equity for far too little benefit. Bento aims in developing relations  between companies & institutional investors in the primary investment capitals while working in partnership with some of the largest investment banks in the world. We want your company to thrive it its current geological location, from Santiago to Seoul; from Lisbon to Lagos. Come blossom with us!



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Bento is managed by Acacia Global Investors LLC, an international institutional investment firm, in partnership with some of the largest investment banks, sovereign wealth funds and investment firms in the world.